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    Rad Torque Tools

    RAD Pneumatic Torque Tools

    Standard Series

    RAD Standard Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

    Designed for extreme duty use in a variety of industrial applic ations these torque guns are single speed units that stall on final torque. All RAD Guns are non-impacting and unlike rattle guns apply a smooth continuous torque eliminating destructive hammering and reducing operator strain and increasing productivity.

    High Speed Series

    RAD High Speed Series Nut Runners

    Similar to the Standard Series of RAD Nut runners the High Speed Series offers all of the same advantages of the best power to weight ratio of any tool on the market today coupled with an Automatic Two Speed gearbox.

    Wheel Nut Bolting Series

    RAD Pneumatic Series Wheel Nut Bolting Series

    These tools were designed with one job in mind – wheel nut bolting for light and heavy duty applications where torque control is a must.
    The nose extension is designed to reach into the rim keeping th e operators hands safely outside.

    NX Kits

    RAD Pneumatic Series NX Kits

    For the complete tool kit look no further than the RAD NX Kit! Packaging the RAD tool of choice with a selection of reaction a rms and a nose extension enables users to undertake 99% of bolting applications without the need for additional accessories.

    RAD Transducer Verification Series

    Transducer Verification Series RAD Pneumatic Series

    The RAD TV series are pneumatic tools with a built in transducer for torque verification. With strain gage technology, users can verify each bolt cycle on their application and are able to view real time torque on a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth technology and have the ability to download all data.

    RAD Battery Torque Tools

    B-RAD Select Series

    Battery RAD Select Series

    The new B-RAD Select battery series torque wrenches comes with two simple buttons to increase or decrease the value by 10 ft. lbs. At the four-digit display the set torque value is displayed. The B-RAD select remembers the last set torque value even after the battery has been removed.

    DB-RAD Series

    Digital Battery RAD Series

    Digital B-RAD powered torque wrenches are the world’ s first digital cordless, and lithium-ion battery tool on the ma rket. With advanced patented technology containing digital display and sin gle increment torque settings. The colour screen with keypad provides unmistakable visual LED indicator lights with user defi nable presets for ease of use.

    RAD Electric Torque Tools

    Manual V-RAD Series

    Manual VRAD Series Electrical Series Torque Tools

    Quick adjust torque settings with Fast and accurate “dial a torque” for maximum versatility and efficiency with 11 fixed settings and Equal power in forward and reverse

    V-RAD Select Series

    New coming soon

    The new V-RAD Select electric series torque wrenches comes with simple buttons to increase or decrease the value by 10 ft. lbs. At the four-digit display the set torque value is displayed.

    Digital V-RAD Series

    Digital VRAD Series Electrical Series Torque Tools

    Digital V-RAD series torque wrenches are the extreme design innovation with fully programmable preset torque settings with torque range up to 2500 ft. lbs. Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque with single increment torque settings.

    RAD Electronic – E-RAD Tools

    E-RAD BLU Series

    E-RAD BLU Series

    The E-RAD BLU Series Touch Control Case provides the interface for all E-RAD BLU Tools. The E-RAD BLU Touch Control Case allows the user to dial up and down, using the touchscreen. Torque and angle can be set in single digit increments to their desired torque. Torque and angle can be set in single digit increments to their desired torque.

    RAD Accessories

    Reaction Arms

    RAD Reaction Arms

    Each RAD tool includes a standard reaction arm. In addition to this, you can order special reaction arms to ensure correct reaction for different applications.

    Sliding Reaction Arms

    Sliding Reaction Arms

    Torque Warehouse offer a range of sliding reaction arms that ensure prefect reaction every time whilst eliminating pinch points
    and optimising safety. These reaction arms are perfectly suited to flange assembly and applications with regular
    bolt pattern arrangements.

    Custom Reaction Arms

    Custom Reaction Arms

    With full engineering capability Torque Warehouse are pleased to custom design and manufacture a full range of special
    engineer to order reaction arms to suit any application.

    Impact Sockets

    Impact Sockets

    Torque Warehouse offer one the most extensive ranges of high quality sockets and accessories on the market. With sockets available in drive sizes from ¼” – 2½” and in every configuration, standard 6 point, 12 point, square, double square, torx and in-hex you can be sure that we have the right socket to get the best out of your torque tool.

    Nose Extensions

    RAD Nose Extensions

    RAD Nose extensions are engineered to enable the use of RAD too ls in difficult to access areas where a standard tool would
    not normally fit. These extensions remove the need to use impact extension shafts which can put the operator in danger and
    subject the tool to excess side loading.

    Tool Support

    Tool Support Safety

    To enable ease of use RTS offer a range of secondary support handles to facilitate two handed operation of the tool to further increase safety. A range of lifting eyes are also available to allow the suspension of all tool models using a spring balancer.

    Safety Valve

    Safety Valve

    The Operator Safety Valve “OSV” is a retro fit accessory that can be fitted to any pne umatic RAD tool and is guaranteed to keep the operators hands away from the reaction arm which equat es for 99% of pinch point injuries.

    Trigger Guards

    Designed to protect the operators hand whilst in use and elimin ate the risk of potentially “bumping” the trigger and accidentally operating the tool whilst aligning the tool on the job.

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